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Director:  Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Screenwriter:  FRO Production

Genre:  Comedy Sequel


Willlachen - im Keller: Vienna 2016, in the elections for the president the nationalist and racist party FPÖ got 35,3 % in austria. This is also a reason that we set up a Comedy Club to give more education to austrian people. Different formats, spots and moderation developped for one show. Understanding Comedy is a first step to understand life. Have a look!


Director:  Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Screenwriter:  Armin Zechmeister/Manuel Rasinger

Genre:  Shortfilm


When do we nowadays really notice? To be in the moments of life VS stimulus satiation. Attentiveness VS excess supply together with accumulation of resources. Daily life becomes hallucination? What going on in the heads of generation X? In this movie Markos Muehlschlegel-Trinatafyllou try’s to search after answers.


Director:  Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Screenwriter:  Kebara

Genre:  Musicvideo


By chance it came to our ears that the rapper collective Simon Dietersdorfer and Jahson the Scientist, as well as Patrick Stürböth aka. powernerd formed the band Kebara, had a song called minotaur. Though we produced the musicvideo.


Director:  Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Screenwriter:  Vicko Marelic/Hanna Kaspar

Genre:  Mocumentary


This documentary made up in Luxemburg is a statement to political crises in 2015. The film is made up by the helping hands of Hanna Kaspar and Vicko Merelic.


The aim and concept oft he film is to show divers statements to divers questions. political, economical and ethnical questions in difficult times of crises.

Is it still possible to build bridges?


Director: Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Screenwriter:  d'achor

Genre:  Musicvideo​


Music Video made up by d’achor, worlds first and only techno choir based at university of applied arts in Vienna.


Director:  Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou

Genre:  Flashmob

It started with a flashmob in viennas centre. With it’s first pilot actions, the idea came up to build up a

It started with a flashmob in viennas centre. With it’s first pilot actions, the idea came up to build up a international zebra crossing flahsmob community.The challenge is, do it yourselves!, in all city around the globe. Take your time, 30 seconds within noise, hectic and chaos and make art! Zebra crossings can become a mirror of our perception!

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