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Willlachen - Im Keller


Willlachen - im Keller: Vienna 2016, in the elections for the president the nationalist and racist party FPÖ got 35,3 % in austria. This is also a reason that we set up a Comedy Club to give more education to austrian people. Different formats, spots and moderation developped for one show. Understanding Comedy is a first step to understand life. Have a look!

Fortress Europe


Independent documentary shorts around european countries. European policy, society and citizens seen through critical camera. People talking about problems and wishes that maybe one day come true.

Right now there is a fortress. And we are all kind of the european prisoners, as citizens of the eu.

Although we maybe don’t want to be.


Costas Supermarkidis, saviour oft the poor, greek pensionists. In difficult times Costas Supermarkidis is travelling with a case full of money to greece, leaving his supermarket behind, taking all the money he has earned over years to bring it to Greece.
His journey becomes an adventures and risky travel to Greece. His european rescue package is soon spended and he has to earn money to fly back by giving people shadow with his handmade european rescue umbrella.
See yourself how this adventure ends up,...

Costas Supermarkidids

Coming Soon - Paywatch

We pay for your safety! That’s the new slogan media controlled 21. century.Satirically we try to have a revival of Baywatch! Only difference: We pay to save your lifes J

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